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THANK FOR YOUR EFFORT. Channel. What does the word वातम्य stand for? It s a grt job u do I hate Marathi language.  The one you use depends on the gender of the following noun. Dear Sir, your software is discontinue during marathi typing. Pls help me out.

How do you know which words are the 6555 most frequent? Very nice website. As I can type all letters, except my mother Aaee. Best website for marathi essays. Do let me know if things work for your. Try to use it from firefox browser. This is actually the name of a program in a Marathi T. चांगला प्रयत्न आहे आणि फारच उपयोगी.

I am typing in english but its automatically taking into marathi words but after sometime i unable to work. Banner असला तर थोडा आकर्षक वाटेल आणि इतर कोणी website वर टाकल्यास ते चटकन दिसून देखील येईल. Solve the exercise below and see if you really can implement what you have learnt. I have a problem for typing ee (Aaaee cha ee, marathi name for mother) letter in marathi using this font.   English has only one first person possessive adjective   “ My “. ह्या website साठी धन्यवाद. Even French has 8- Mon/Ma/Mes. I think the word is baatmyaa which means news

We use possessive adjecitve for this purpose. Marathi people really love this service. ह्या website साठी एक banner बनवा जसा तुम्ही हा code दिला आहे. Which key works for this?  It is hard-wired into our brains.   Marathi has 8 – माझा, माझी, माझे  .   Our thoughts,  habits,  emotions,  needs,  wants,  wishes,  fantasies …….   Since time unknown, people  have been possessive with the things they belong.

REALLY VERY VERY GOOD WEB SITE FOR NON MARATHI PEOPLE, WHO TRY TO SPEAK ENGLISH. Thanx. I have downloaded this software for my blog atI like this software and I am trying to learn it. Reading isn t enough. But after seeing ur web site I hav started to love this subject. Congratulations - you have completed Telling your name ( Personal pronouns). Hindi has 8 –मेरा, मेरी, मेरे. Marathi personal pronouns are nothing but replacements for  English I,   My and Me.

Thanks for the compilation यार!  Use the above words in your own language. You go away  ). . And again this service needs good internet speed as this is online service. We are desperate to share random bits of information about ourselves. Try to clear your browsers cache. V. We are more interested in our lives than anyone else’s. HI ashok.  ( Hey    , This is my cave and my wife. No doubt, personal pronouns are most commonly used words in a language we speak and they shall be first words we must learn while learning a new language.

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