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Additional materials must also be prepared for submission with the final copies of the thesis/dissertation. Technology such as SSL, firewalls, intrusion detection etc. A good knowledge of the mechanisms of the technology is required in order to take full advantage of the opportunities available. E. Security and trust threats come from two areas in e-commerce – threat from third party attacks on legitimate transactions between a retailer and the customer and threat from fraudulent retailers to customers. In case you like any specific sample and would like to order an academic work from its author, you can ask our support team about that. Refer to the Formatting Manual and to the Submission Process link below for information about these additional materials.

It is much easier for an entity to set up a website and an electronic payment processing system than a real world storefront. The document is aimed at highlighting the main objectives and the vision of the company. The following business plans are examples of what a completed business plan might look like. It is also much more difficult for customers to determine the authenticity of websites. The target of this business plan is to align the company’s growth ambitions with the operational and financial limitations it faces. Below you can find samples of thesis/dissertation papers, as well as samples of single chapters and proposals completed by our writers. This table shows a partial list of common business models. The purpose of this document is to present a 5-year operational plan for the container leasing of company ABC. The Internet) may sometimes contribute to the USP, such as supermarkets allowing people to purchase goods online and provide delivery to their doors. Some of the topics you could research for your e-commerce dissertation in this area are:

Business dissertation examples. But as the number of online retailers increases this may erode the USP that depends greatly on the platform. Review the list for small ideas you can work into your model rather than copying a model lock, stock, and barrel. We recommend the following action plan based on the major points outlined. Sometimes, one little tweak to an existing business model can yield powerful results in a new industry. Some e-commerce dissertation topics in this area are: Trust is an important issue in e-commerce, because unlike real world transactions, the retailer is not present in person during the transaction. The development of Internet marketing techniques such as paid advertisements for keyword searches, banner advertisements and also the use of Web 7. This makes it very difficult to trust that the retailers are who they claim to be. The amount of information available today has made it possible to carefully target customers based on profiles, networks, etc. The cheap chic business model works for Trader Joe s in the grocery business and IKEA in the home furnishing business.

SparkNotes is brought to you by. Correctly formatted final copies of theses/dissertations may be submitted after the thesis approval/dissertation defense. Visit B N to buy and rent, and check out our award-winning tablets and ereaders, including and. This is no different in ecommerce. Questions regarding the format check and the final copy submission process should be directed to: Read the latest information on the process, including recent communication and FAQs. In order to achieve growth and to make sure that commercial objectives are backed up from the operational perspective, scenario analysis of the estimated container availability was undertaken. Third party attacks are also facilitated by lax security from customers. Hackers may try to gain access to sensitive information stored in the web servers, such as credit card information, bank account details and even personal details for identity theft. Dissertations and theses turned in as a part of the graduation requirements at Loyola University Chicago must be formatted according to the rules laid out in the Formatting Manual for Theses and Dissertations created by the Graduate School. Suggested topics for your e-commerce dissertation include: Security and trust are extremely important issues in e-commerce.

Retailers have a legal responsibility to keep any personal details they collect safe. Your satisfaction is our #6 priority. These examples should get your creative juices flowing as you begin to create your business model. 5 applications that make use of social networks for advertisements, have all changed the way marketing and advertising operates. Another aim is to develop a thorough action plan for operational aspects of the business. Possible e-commerce dissertation topics in this area are: Marketing or advertising for an e-business is a very important part of the overall strategy for e-businesses. To ensure that theses/dissertations are formatted correctly, each thesis/dissertation must undergo a format check by the staff of the Graduate School prior to the submission of final copies. Title: ESL Families Approval Ratings of Current School District Accommodations One of the major perceived threats of e-commerce is the issue of security. Some of the most profitable companies didn t invent new business models they borrowed a business model from another industry.

The Gillette razor and blades model has been highly profitable for Hewlett-Packard s inkjet printer business and Verizon s cellphone business. Title: Does computer assisted learning increase student learning or grades? The threat of third party attacks is an ever-present one. Visit the FAQs page for answers to new questions about the electronic submission process. However you must remember that you can not submit them as your own work to avoid plagiarism accusations. The platform alone (i. It is quite possible that the particular writer you choose will be glad to assist you. Are all used to secure the website from unauthorised access. There are business models hundreds of years old and those only a handful of years old, such as Internet freemium models. In case you are not satisfied with the outcome of our work, if you see, that your money isn't worth the paper we delivered to you - we offer you free revisions according to our Revision Policy, or your money back according to our Money Back Guarantee.

One of the most important things in any business is the unique selling proposition. Please feel free to use these samples for your own purposes with proper reference.

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